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Printing Industry

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  • Cleaning products for printing industry | Importers
  • Saudi Arabia want to buy rollers for printing industry | Importers
  • Spare Parts & Consumable Materials In Printing Industry | Importers
  • Window Patching Machine For Printing Industry | Importers

Printing Supplies

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  • Flex printing materials importing to Pakistan | Importers
  • Iran to buy xerox consumables from Turkey | Importers
  • Printing consumables purchasing from Algeria | Importers
  • Printing materials all kinds needed in Egypt | Importers
  • Printing materials request from Sudan | Importers


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Importers | Suppliers
  • Foodstuffs general to import to Libya | Importers
  • Interest on baby care products from Pakistan | Importers
  • Medical consumables needed in Georgia | Importers
  • Veterinary products import inquiry from Libya | Importers
  • Wax and chemical products for stone needed in Iran | Importers


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  • Interior and Exterior Wall Coatings | Offer to Sell
  • Ptfe Tape price request from Kuwait | Importers
  • SAE 100R15 Six-Wire Hose hydraulic hoses rubber hoses | Offer to Sell
  • Saudi Arabia need PTFE Thread Seal Tape Production Line | Importers
  • Teflon PTFE production line machines import to Algeria | Importers

Ptfe Teflon

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  • Algerian company looking for polyurethane auto parts | Importers
  • Polyurethane bag import inquiry from Georgia | Importers
  • PU foam cutting machine buy inquiry from South Africa | Importers
  • Pu panel requested from Palestine | Importers
  • Pu slipper machinery needed to import to India | Importers


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  • Clorox wipes buying demand from Georgia | Importers
  • Detergents and household chemicals to export to Russia | Importers
  • Importing demand of cleaning products to Libya | Importers
  • RFQ import request of J cloth to Kuwait | Importers
  • Wireless multi purpose alarm system set demanded from Moldova | Importers


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  • Acetate emulsion pva inquiry to import to Morocco | Importers
  • Bulgarian company required PVA Yarn And Filaments | Importers
  • Export request of Iranian company for petrochemicals | Offer to Sell
  • PVA powder requested for adhesive production in Greece | Importers
  • Zero Twist Pva yarn for Towel Weaving | Offer to Sell


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  • High Quality Raw vermiculite Course / medium / fine / super fine sizes | Offer to Sell
  • High quality women clothes required in New Zealand | Importers
  • Premium quality gift boxes request from Georgia | Importers
  • Quality clothing offer request from Russia | Importers
  • Quality oil fragrances offer request from Brazil | Importers


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  • Chair wood purchase demand from UAE | Importers
  • Demanding of nuts to import to Iraq | Importers
  • Egyptian company looking for plastic raw materials | Importers
  • Instant Coffee, Honey Nuts | Offer to Sell
  • Tanzanian company requested antifreeze and brake fluid raw materials | Importers

Raw Material

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  • BENAQUA® 4000 rheological additives raw material purchasing from Iraq | Importers
  • Copper raw material for cables request from Egypt | Importers
  • Eps polystyrene raw material needed to import to Egypt | Importers
  • Polyethylene raw material plastic tube production need in Venezuela | Importers
  • PVC resin raw material to import in Ecuador | Importers


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  • Car body repair machines required in Morocco | Importers
  • Concrete repair materials to supply in Lebanon | Importers
  • Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine | Offer to Sell
  • Hot oil pump repair kits quotation from Ethiopia | Importers
  • Spare parts for suitcases repair requested to import to Ukraine | Importers


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Importers | Suppliers
  • Company from Oman seeking pet resin | Importers
  • Demanding of resin clutch bag from Spain | Importers
  • Enquiry for purchase of 3-phase cast resin type dry transformer | Importers
  • PVC resin raw material to import in Ecuador | Importers
  • PVC resin requested to import to Morocco | Importers


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  • Bleach resistant salon towels inquiry from Kosovo | Importers
  • Fire resistant curtain to export to Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Fire resistant curtains buying demand from Jordan | Importers
  • Lipid resistant 3-way stopcocks quotation request from Malta | Importers
  • Safety Gloves and Boots | Offer to Sell
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